Just thinking about mangoes makes me happy. When I find myself in times of trouble, I remember that mangoes exist, so really, how bad could it be. They're delicious, nutritious and hilarious. Seriously. Eat enough mango and you will be a cackling fool.
  • Mango. You may have guessed that part.
  • Shallot. Chop fine and put in the olive and vinegar before you do anything else. Don't use too much either, or it will boss around the other ingredients. If you're worried about that, you can saute in some olive oil.
  • Corn. Saw off the kernels and eat raw. Did you know that there is nothing wrong with doing that? If people look at you funny, look at them funnier.
  • Oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, dried herbs (tarragon, basil, mint, etc.)
Assemble, toss, masticate, swallow. Think not of the past, not while you eat this one. Have the tip of your nose in the future, and the rest consumed with what you are consuming.