In three days, Salad Wednesday will have completed its long walk back from the east coast. Along the way, it met so many people, it saw so many things. Salad Wednesday is the new state religion of Nebraska. Salad Wednesday can never go back to that one bar in Tennessee (yet somehow we all know it will). Salad Wednesday learned from a shaman in Utah how to make a salad from nothing more than the feeling one gets from looking at the moon. Come be there to meet Salad Wednesday when it returns to Berkeley with a look in its eyes somewhere between puppy dog adorable and mangy dog crazed.

Bring: salads, snacks, drinks, live animals, unaccounted for externalities, opinions you don't hold but can, people you know, people you are sure you know but can't figure out from where, card tricks, triple entendres, other stuff
7/9/2012 04:26:21 am

Great blog, love the template.


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