Red cabbage. We were always friendly enough to each other when we saw one another at parties, but I wouldn't often make time to see red cabbage, especially not one on one. I think we both worried that, after that preliminary round of catching up on the other's latest soul searching, we wouldn't have anything to say. Then, one night, I cracked the code.
  • Red Cabbage, maybe half of one? Even that might be a lot. Those things provide endless roughage.
  • Grapefruit! Slice it up into pleasing bitesize morsels. You can use the whole thing unless it's threatening to completely take over.
  • Carrot, sliced thin enough that it doesn't raise questions.
  • Radish. What's up radish.
  • Cilantro. Optional, especially if you're one of those people for whom cilantro ruins everything.
  • Balsamic vinegar. Apple cider vinegar seems to be the vinegar of choice for red cabbage affairs, and I gots no problem with that, but I wanted something more jovial for this one. Red cabbage can be a little dour sometimes, y'know? Oh, and  throw it on as soon as the cabbage is in the bowl, so that the vinegar has time to negotiate into its pores.
  • Salt, tarragon, oregano, I threw on a little curry powder. Some olive oil too. Not exactly an oil and vinegar sort of dressing, but a dash of olive oil makes it tastier AND shinier.
I made this little creation to go with a meal that was already plenty filling and salty, but is there any doubt that some GOAT CHEESE would rock the house on this one? Not in my mind. Cashews, almonds, walnuts or your favorite nut would also make this one more filling and still allow it to sing its song. Before going with the grapefruit, I tossed a lime to myself, wondering how that would go. I concluded, after several mental simulations, that it would be splendizesty, but it would require a lot of lime. The grapefruit went a long way (further than I needed it to), was easy to work with, pleasing to chew, the right amount sweet... yeah it worked. What I'm saying is that other citrusy things would work too (lookin at you there tangerine).

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